What is the Gospel of Sonship and Immortality?

The Gospel of Sonship and Immortality is about raising incorruptible, mature, full grown believers -unto a perfect man (Eph4:13) that will fulfil the impending prophecy of the emergence of the manifestation of the ‘Sons of God’ which ‘creation’ earnestly and expectantly awaits before the final appearance of Jesus. A breed of believers carrying the dominion-mandate to rule and reign over creation as God originally intended. Fulfilling the ultimate heart of Christ -for this reason He came to break the power of him who had gained dominion over us that we might be restored BACK to our original state and stronger: where sin and death hath no power over us anymore. He gave us ‘Life’ (our ability not to die as we originally had before Adam and Eve ate the fruit, only because of this did man begin to die as punishment), He gave us not just Life but the strongest kind of Life -‘Eternal Life’, which can never be cut short or terminated as that which the first man and woman had. This time, His Love made us inseparable from Him!!

This we preach from the innermost depths of our heart.