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Spirit Revelation Ecclesia (SRE) is a Church with a unique end-time mandate Raising incorruptible Sons of God, nurturing believers unto maturity in the Word of Christ, dispensing the Revelation of the Spirit of the Lord via His Word for every believer to live life exceptionally victorious unto the day of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


SRE was established in the year 2010 in Cape town, South Africa. It opened its doors to the world in the month of March and flags its ‘welcome banner’ to everyone ready to encounter The Lord Jesus Christ. SRE is dedicated to raising disciples who are grounded in God’s Word, unflinchingly spreading the gospel of Life Eternal in its entirety which Christ brought to His Church. We teach to daily severe any ties of ungodliness and embrace the fullness of God’s redeeming power. Our Mission: To expound on, propagate and exhibit the ‘Christ Life’.

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[boc_image_box title=”SENIOR PASTOR” subtitle=”JOHN ANOSIKE” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/pastor-john/” img_hover_effect=”1″ picture=”24805″]
[boc_image_box title=”SENIOR PASTOR” subtitle=”Ola Anosike” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/pastor-ola/” img_hover_effect=”1″ picture=”24044″]
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