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Spirit Revelation Church

Fondly known as the Dome of Truth, our Church has become a home to the seekers of the Truth and the students of God’s Word. A bible based Ministry under the Leadership of Pastor John & Pastor Ola Anosike. Our mission is to recreate the mindset with God’s word. A move of the Spirit that is not bound by the four walls of church. We are committed to raising incorruptible sons of God, that will counteract the systems of this world and its lusts and pleasures with the kingdom principles. A kind of generation that will live and remain to usher in the glorious appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our church doors are open for all that seek to know God and His word. Our TV ministry reaches to millions all over the world impacting them with the knowledge of God’s Word. Heaven in your day is our daily devotional booklet co-authored by Pastor John and Pastor Ola Anosike that has empowered many.

Our ministry is all about equipping and training the Sons of God for the work of the ministry to manifest Sonship. Pastor John believes that the hour has come for the body of Christ to leave the elementary doctrines of Christ unto spiritual maturity.

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