SR Ecclesia, the nation of God, reaching the world with Gospel of Sonship, immortality, incorruption and Life eternal. 


1st Service: 7am - 2nd Service: 11:00am

Our doors are open wide to the entire body of Christ and our arms even wider to receive all who subscribe to the spiritual coverage and tutelage. Come and ascend into dimension of God and receive the full counsel of God

Mondays & Tuesdays


School of Revelation
Do you want to gain more insight into God’s word? Do you want to grow in faith and be established in your walk with the Lord? This is the place to be!t.

Ascension Prayers


Every Fridays

Come and experience the touch of God as He uses His Bondservant to minister to the needs of the people. Fire for holiness, encounters, Ascension to heaven, visions of Jesus and miracles are released in this service.

international Monthly conferences

Spirit Revelation Ecclesia periodically runs monthly inter denominational conference that attract saints from all over the world. Overt the years we’ve recorded countless encounters, miracles and impartations which have equipped men and women with the latter rain mandate for the work of God.

Sign up and fill in your details below to register for the upcoming water baptism on the 2nd December 2023 @ 2pm.

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