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We are a “move of the Spirit.” An end-time catalyst to the expected coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Groom as we in faith prepare the remnant, The Bride-Glorious and ready in white robes, washed by the water of the Word of God.~Ephesians 5:26~ .

Sunday Service

Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm
Our doors are open wide to the entire body of Christ and our arms even wider to receive all who subscribe to the spiritual coverage and tutelage. We offer weekly Services and counseling appointments to this effect.

Monday Service - Bible Study

School of Revelation
Do you want to gain more insight into God’s word? Do you want to grow in faith and be established in your walk with the Lord? This is the place to be!t.

Friday Service - Moment of Miracles

Miracle Academy
Come and experience the touch of God as He uses His servant to minister to your specific needs!

Night Vigil

Prayer Vigil-9pm till dawn!
Every First Friday of the month, we take time to pray all kinds of prayers as led by the Spirit of God! Come and set the course of each month of the year.

Leadership Training

Spirit Revelation Church periodically runs an inter denominational pleadership training programme: Advanced School of Ministry as well as Conferences and Workshops to equip men and women for the work of God. Making you relevant to your generation.


Join our rallies and crusades as we storm the City of Cape Town with the Gospel of sonship. Gods word must surely grow and prevail.

Weekly Messages

What a Revelation if you are tired of the norm, this teaching is for you! Learn how to step out of the limitations of human systems and determine your own level of the super natural to step into and bring the influence of God and his word to the world.

An awesome revelation on how to obtain our salvation by confessing the substance of the Gospel, and bringing to fruition the full package of salvation!

No more identity crisis for those in Christ! It does not matter what we have been through in life that brought about rejection and identity confusion, we now know who we are through the knowledge that we are created in the image of God.

That’s what they said

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