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Pastor Ola is the first of four children. She studied Law at Madonna University, Anambra State, Nigeria. Pastor Ola had the distinctively clear hand of the Lord upon her life since childhood showing forth through healings, signs and wonders and a deep understanding of the Scriptures leading to her being jointly ordained in the year 2002 by the head of the Intercessors for Africa, Four-square Gospel Church and the Centre for Christians Church in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. She has since then been Pastoring till date. She served as a Bible Teacher and Sisters’ Coordinator in P.F.M (Pentecostal Fellowship of Madonna University) for two years, got married to her husband – Pastor John Anosike (a seasoned Minister graced with a healing and revelatory anointing ) in 2009 and has since ministered by his side – as Resident Pastor for Rock of Victory Ministries, Johannesburg from 2009-2010 and currently as Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries-Spirit Revelation Ecclesia in Cape town, South Africa where they reside.

Our doors are open wide to the entire body of Christ and our arms even wider to receive all who subscribe to the spiritual coverage and tutelage. We offer weekly Services and counseling appointments to this effect.

We are a “move of the Spirit.” An end-time catalyst to the expected coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Groom as we in faith prepare the remnant, The Bride-Glorious and ready in white robes, washed by the water of the Word of God.~Ephesians 5:26.