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[boc_image_box title=”Our Offices” subtitle=”Spirit Revelation Church is a dynamic, multi-cultural Ministry, graced with a global mandate, reaching out to thousands and impacting lives with the Gospel of Christ, 416 Vortrekker Rd. Maitland, Cape Town” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/about-us/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”23966″]
[boc_image_box title=”Church Services” subtitle=”We would love to greet you at one of our worship services. All are welcome. Come and worship the Lord with us.. Sundays, Mondays and Fiday services are provided by the church” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/our-services/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”23968″]
[boc_image_box title=”Miracle Academy” subtitle=”Miracle Academy is a school that endeavours to provide for each individuals intellectual, Spiritual, social and physical growth in every aspect.” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/our-services/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”23970″]
[boc_image_box title=”Testimonies” subtitle=”A recollection of events and outcomes through testimonies,,, I wanna thank God for Papa and Mama! I Love u! Perfect day!.” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/about-us/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”23972″]
[boc_image_box title=”Our Video Blog” subtitle=”Our Video blog contains powerful messages on videos of Pastor John preaching in Church and performing miracles at Spirit Revelation Church.” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/videos/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”21723″]
[boc_image_box title=”Gallery” subtitle=”A multitude of powerful images of the pastors, the church, miracles and the deliverance of Gods message through to the masses by Pastor John Anosike.” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/gallery/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”21723″]
[boc_image_box title=”Q&A With Pst John” subtitle=”Questions and Answers with Pastor John Anosike……..” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/our-services/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”21723″]
[boc_image_box title=”Membership Form” subtitle=”Fill in this membership for to become a member of Spirit Revelation Church and participate in different life changing activities.” href=”http://www.spiritrevelationchurch.org/gallery/” display_style=”4″ img_width=”400×180″ picture=”21723″]