3 Days Prayer Retreat USA with The Bondservant of Christ John Anosike

This is a rare opportunity to pray with the man of God In Atlanta Georgia 13th-14th Dec 2023

War in the heavenly places
Dethroning the princes of darkness seating on the power of the air in the United States of America

  1. It’s War in The Spirit Realms
  2. The War of Tongues
  3. The Latter Fire
  4. The Tongues of Fire
  5. Access into the spirit-tongues..

Gaining the capacity to speak the tongues of cancers, climate change, poverty, confusion, disease, depression and death.

Arresting the spirits of schizophrenia, marine, Bipolar, Autism and addictions

Have you warred tirelessly against your household altars, powers, genetics and chromosomes without success? This time around you will ascend to meet face to face the principality of your household and dethrone him!

Ascend into realms!

Arise and take the throne of your family Seize the dimensions of longevity, the realm of Life is revealed in our dispensation!

Come up all, come, you are drawn, the realm of transfiguration is open!

  1. The noise will be silenced
  2. The realms will be cleared
  3. Your ministry will receive power to recover!

The prince of the powers of the air must be brought down and the princes of light will be enthroned!

Recover the mandates of God for the USA!

Rediscover the holy paths of the patriarchs of this great nation -America!

The flames are burning, the route is shining,

The founding fathers of faith are glittering signs of salvation in the cloud of the witnesses!

Oh America! This is the time for spiritual war in the heavenly realms to recover the visions of God for this country -for God has sent me to pioneer this mission.

Join us, put aside your doubts and make a way for something a little beyond your theology and eschatological views; even when Christ came in the human body, the keepers of the Laws and Torah embodying ‘God’s Prior Move’ did not know that Jesus represented the latter move of God in that generation…… with this precedent, don’t be another Pharisee, let us discern the times, let’s rise up against the gates of hell, OH HOLY NATION OF YESHUA, you have been assigned God’s battle Axe to wield, Yahweh has mandated the authority in your hands to influence nations and establish righteousness BUT, the enemy took advantage and perverted YOUR DIVINE CAUSE, it is time to push back the lord of darkness and abolish him and his works in this great nation….

Righteousness shall prevail!

Godliness shall be enthroned…

The Kingdoms of the earth shall be called the Kingdoms of Our God!

  • Men and women shall seek His face
  • Children shall be safe again
  • The Land shall be purged
  • The Glory of the Latter shall be greater than the Former!!

Your time has come & Your time is NOW!!

Get ready for your divine appointment. The Bondservant of Christ heralds this transition in the Spirit and enjoins you fellow warriors to come partake and be part of this end time warfare!

Mark your calendars, invite others, friends and family, spread the word, make a date with us to pray!


DAY 1 :

13th December 2023 @5pm

DAY 2:

14th December 2023 (morning @10am – Evening @5pm)

DAY 3:

15th December 2023 @10am

Venue: New Birth Baptist Church Atlanta Georgia. U.S.A

Bless you!

Bondservant of Christ John