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Ministers conference


The Bondservant of Christ is called by God as a watcher of realms of glorification and redemption of the human body. Called of God to Apostle the Gospel of Sonship & immortality. A custodian of the dimensions, realms of fire, transformation, and tele-transportation; outside body experiences, visions of heaven, visions of Jesus. He carries an electrical surge of Dynamo and glory…

He is a custodian of the realms of fire. Teleportation and ascension into the heavenly places. He carries a rare anointing for expounding the scriptures in high revelation as a teacher, providing deep and exceptional insight in the Gospel of Christ and Grace as well as unusual healings, miracles and deliverance.


The Lord has granted the him access to this revelation for the preceding days of the emerging age of the sons of God. It is written the earnest expectation of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:19

God has instructed the Bondservant of Christ John Anosike; The President of Spirit Revelation Ecclesia, to take the “Campaign Of Life” to the nations of the world!

This is a vision and commission from God to lift the mantle and champion the Move of The Apostolic Mandate to reach all nations of the earth with the gospel of Life, Incorruption, Immortality(death impossible) and Sonship( the long-awaited redemption of creation)!

It is a ‘teaching campaign’ on how NOT TO DIE physically, how to exit the earth through revelation and ascension: hence recovering our true identity and position in Christ.